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Independence Matters


Equality for All C.I.C. has been commissioned to deliver an accessible training programme to young adults aged 11-25 years with a disability and/or a mental health condition.

Geographical area covered: Bradford & District

Venue: Southfield Special School


The project aim is to promote independence, empowerment, choice and control.

The workshops provide opportunities for young adults to gain invaluable life and self-advocacy skills. We focus on the development of daily living skills, social skills and emotional recognition. The aim is to increase independence and reduce isolation. This will ultimately reduce the risk of any condition being exacerbated.

The workshops promote self-advocacy, including developing strategies enabling young people to be able to represent themselves at meetings and social care reviews etc.

The workshops include an element of self-awareness, enabling young people to gain a greater understanding of their disability and how it affects them.  This approach provides opportunities to educate young people on the social and medical models of disability. These models will act as a pathway to discussing stigma and discrimination in greater detail.

If you would like to participate in the Independence Matters project, please contact Leanne Wright (please see the contact page for details).
If you are a professional and wish to refer a young person, please contact us.  We can also help with access needs such as travel etc.